Transformations from the inside out

Our desire is to make a lasting impact by transforming lives. We believe true transformation happens when we provide both relief and restoration. That's why our approach addresses three areas.




The Home

We use the art and science of interior design to create spaces that reduce stress and increase wellness. In every home, we intentionally cultivate an environment that feels safe and inspiring and provides a sense of belonging. When we experience these positive emotions, especially during hardships, the conversation begins to change. The focus shifts from what is difficult to what is possible. As a result, families are able to press forward with renewed hope and purpose. The home becomes a catapult for positive change.



The Family

Hardships can easily cause family dynamics to shift. Children act as caretakers, marriages are strained, and so on. We partner with a licensed therapist to provide in-home Family Enrichment sessions that equip families to live with healthy family dynamics. We address the individual needs of the family and provide resources to help them thrive as a family unit. We also equip families to discover their unique family vision and values. This empowers them to live from their God-given identity and purpose, regardless of their circumstances. 



The Heart

We build lasting relationships and connect with others through our mutual brokenness. Without relationships, our results are temporary. We also acknowledge that our resources and efforts are limited but God's are not. He is the only one who can meet our deepest needs so we look to Him. We don't push a religious agenda, we simply show the love of Jesus to those we serve. We care deeply about the families we meet and it's our greatest desire to shower them with kindness, hope, and community in a way that transforms the heart.